The Provençal specialities that you have to try at least once in your life!

What better way to discover Provençal cuisine than to fill your basket at the market or go directly to the farm? Like olive oil, the tomato is everywhere. Here are five classics that will certainly open your appetite.

Don’t miss the ratatouille

The tomato is the base of that all-time favourite, ratatouille. Simmer down and we’ll give you the recipe: brown the courgettes and aubergines separately, add the tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers and a bouquet of thyme for that distinct Provençal flavour.
Only a few steps from the club, enjoy a visit to the Esclamandes organic farm, where Cyprien will fill your basket with fresh and tasty organic vegetables. For that extra touch, the farm organises workshops for children to discover animals and nature.

Pistou soup is all you need!

Keep the basil for the pistou soup! And you don’t have to wait for winter to enjoy it – purists indulge themselves year round. Drink the broth with beans, potatoes, tomatoes, courgettes, olive oil and a few handfuls of elbow macaroni! Taste it – you’ll love it!

One thing you’ll need to make a successful pistou is good-quality olive oil, so why not pay a visit to the old Partégal oil mill? They have been making the best olive oil for generations. Guaranteed 100% authentic, this lovely visit will satisfy the most curious among you.

Take a pissaladière to paradise

Our final suggestion is to accompany your rosé with an authentic pissaladière. It is sometimes called the Provençal pizza, but this isn’t Italy: there’s not a tomato in sight and onions steal the show.
Anchovies also play a part in the pissalat, the sauce that serves as the basis for this treat. Our tip: buy it on the market to take away. Why not ask Jérémie*, our kayak and paddle specialist at the club, to take you to taste it by the water while admiring a beautiful sunset?

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