Discover another side of Provence

Don’t say that you’re a landlubber – we saw you on an inflatable boat at Plage d’Argens! Why don’t we cast off to visit three emblematic places of the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region?

Find your home port…

Head for Port Fréjus to start with! Forum Julii was one of the most prosperous ports of the Mediterranean during the Roman era. You can feel it as you stroll along what has today become a beautiful marina. Two millennia of history lie under your feet as you enjoy your ice cream while taking pictures of the sailing boats with your smartphone!

A taste of Antiquity

A little further away is Fréjus’s twin, Saint-Raphaël. Every day except Monday, the narrow streets of the old town host a flower and vegetable market where you can fill your basket with typical Provençal produce! If your basket is not too heavy, walk to the old Romanesque church. In the 12th century, it was a refuge and a stronghold in case of attack by pirates… Explore the sacristy to discover the millennia-old treasures and climb to the top of the tower to admire the view of the sea!

Take a breather in a typical Provençal village

Set your GPS for the Provençal village of Biot, a 45-minute drive from the club. Far from the hordes of tourists, you can watch glass blowers create and shape beautiful objects that are characterised by the little bubbles on their surface. There is nothing industrial here – everything depends on the craftsman’s skill.
But keep your breath to climb the hill to visit the potters’ workshops and museums. Six glassworks and 30 craft workshops are in full activity. Everything is breakable here, so clumsy people should keep their two left hands in their pockets. And if you want to take home a souvenir, don’t worry… their packaging skills will wrap you in admiration!

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